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Translation and Support Services

I cannot speak Chinese how will we communicate

If you cannot speak Chinese, we will make a free translator available for you. Our translators have specific skills and the necessary medical terminology.

Translation Service Includes:

Service Description

1) Medical treatment translation.
2) Assistance in daily life outside the clinic.


Airport pickup/departures are to be paid for by the patient. And, local taxi service is to be paid for by patient as needed.


1) Reservation for hotel or apartment.
2) Selecting the preferred room and facilities.
3) Assisting patient with check-in procedures.
4) Escort the patient to the local police department for the registration.


Full translation during medical treatment sessions.

Daily Assistance

1) Helping the patient to become familiar with the area.
2) Shopping.
3) Gym.
4) Dining - Restaurants & Hotels.
5) Banking - Foreign exchange, cash T/C, etc.
6) Visa extension.
7) Medical exams outside the clinic (Ultra sound and/or TCM therapy).

Phone Reservation

Full assistance with translation, registration and payment.

Medical Records

Preparation of treatment expense list and treatment records.


1) The translation telephone support from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM for assistance for any daily needs. After-hours support 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM for emergency only.

2)Translator(s) will not provide any medical diagnoses or analysis opinions.

3) Translation travel escort service (sightseeing, etc.) will be based on availability of the translators, and will be charged the translation fee.

After-hours and emergency care:

If you need emergency care after-hours, you can do as follows: First, you call the Clinic’s translatorphone number ( Xiangtan clinic:+86 186-73216429; Changsha clinic: + 86-137-55164022) to tell the translator about your emergency condition and then you will be called back shortly after with guidance from the doctor. Secondly, if the doctor thinks that it is necessary for you to return to the Clinic for emergency treatment, you should return as soon as possible. But if the doctor thinks your condition requires specialist attention, they will accompany you to hospital for treatment. You may need to pay for this emergency treatment cost.


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