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After some prostate cancer patients finished 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment,they wrote the following testimonials. We do not edit or change any of the contents. This website respects science and fact. We can guarantee the facticity of all the information on our website, no false information is provided on our website.

Note:The authors wish us post these testimonials on our website exactly as below and do not include their contact information unless someone specifically asks for it. You can get contact information for some authors from the clinic. If this does not convince the reader, contacting them will not.

Dr. John Kennedy from USA

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My name is John Kennedy, Ph.D., I am a patient of Dr. Song, and this is my six-month update after receiving cancer and BPH treatment from Dr. Song. My recovery is going “very” well. My prostate is now cancer free, and my genitourinary functions (urine flow, erection, ejaculation, and semen volume) and bowel movements are returning to normal. The cancer lesion and BPH nodules are undetectable per my 6-month follow-up MRI of 07-01-2017. The six-month test results are very good. There is no indication of cancer, BPH, calcification or infection, and my prostate volume is normal. I expect I will continue to make a full recovery.

To sum up my prostate test results, my 1st MRI of 09-10-2016, before treatment, detected a BPH nodule 15 X 11 X 14mm in the peripheral area to the left side. And, a bleeding cancerous lesion 16 X 10mm near the center right. The cancerous lesion was infected with Enterococcus faecalis bacteria. Microscopic examination of expressed prostate fluid (EPS) indicated cancer cells and damaged prostate tissue. After initial testing, we began treatment. During treatment, large amounts of cancer cells and damaged tissue were detected in my EPS. My semen/prostate fluid color turned brown, which indicated the breakup of the infected lesion, nodules, and release of toxins.

After five weeks of cancer and BPH treatment, my 2nd and 3rd MRIs showed no cancerous lesions or BPH nodules. Specifically, my 2nd MRI report states "when compared to the MRI report done on Sept. 10, 2016, bleeding lesion on the right peripheral area has been basically absorbed or disappeared." There were still toxins inside the prostate as seen in the microscopic examination of the prostate fluid. My semen was dark brown. The dark color was caused by years of bacteria, old blood, and toxins held inside the bleeding cancer lesion. These toxins were released when the lesion was broken up and cancer killed. I continued to receive another week of cancer/BPH treatment for a totally of 6 weeks to ensure the cancer was killed, and the BPH and toxins cleared.

My 4th MRI report six months after receiving treatment indicated no cancerous lesion, no BPH nodules, and no relapse. My semen and prostate fluid showed no signs of infection with color returning to normal. Symptom wise, my urination, erection, ejaculation, semen volume, and bowel movements continue to improve. I can feel the cancerous lesion and BPH are gone. Dr. Song thinks there are no active cancer cells. My PSA before treatment was increasing, reaching a high of 46. Six months after treatment it has not increased beyond this point, and we are expecting a slow decline. Research indicates, when the prostate remains intact, PSA can take several months to a year to return to normal levels. This may be a result of the prostate tissue repairing itself, a protective role the PSA plays during tissue regrowth, and unbalanced hormones. I am monitoring my Total PSA and Free PSA values. I expect the PSA to drop as the prostate continues to recover.

My endocrine system is still somewhat out of balance, but moving toward a normal state. Before treatment, my hormones were significantly out of balance. Dr. Song believes, as it relates to prostate issues, hormones become out of balance as a result of infection, PBH, and cancer (unhealthy body condition), which can promote cancer cell growth. Thus, I believe it is important to rebalance my hormones after my treatment. Dr. Song has been working with me to improve my endocrine system with Traditional Chinese Medicine. A process which takes more time, but I think is safe and healthy.

I am very happy with Dr. Song’s prostate cancer, BPH, and infection treatment. I think this treatment is the best in the world. This cancer treatment is without radiation or chemotherapy drugs. My prostate remains fully intact, functional, and my health continues to improve. I will continue to monitor my prostate, PSA, and endocrine system. I expect my PSA to drop and hormones to return to normal healthy levels. If you are interested in speaking with me, please contact the 3D Prostate Treatment Clinic. They will forward my contact information to you. My most sincere hope is, this information helps you.

Best regards,

Dr. John Kennedy

Contact way:

Email: jkennedy1004@gmail.com  .

Mr. Lins from NZ 

I am Lins and I have just finished a six week course of treatment with Dr. Song at the 3D Urology Clinic in Xangtan. I am a company director and have been self employed for most of my working like except for stints in a multi-national related to bioscience and contract work in the bio pharmaceutical field. I have been an active sports person and a keen traveller with a sense for intrepid adventures. As well as an avid fan of NZ backcountry activity I have made long haul trekking sojourns, in the Himalayan, Karakouram and Hindu Kush Mountain Ranges. I am in my early sixties

Around 2012 I noticed a significant change in my health. Motivation, drive and energy all seemed to “go out the window” and I struggled to make the work day go beyond mid- afternoon. I experienced significant sleep interruption ( what seemed like niggling bladder tension in addition to toilet trips) ,aching joints, back pain, lack of focus, and sometimes even a lack of purpose, coupled with a sense of doubt regarding my self worth. I never realized at the time the true effect my condition had on family, relationships and productivity. I had always been proud of my health and fitness but now it seemed I was on an unbelievable one-way slide to deterioration.

My GP pestered me to get a rectal exam and PSA test. With regular PSA readings ranging from 9-12, I opted for “watchful waiting” believing that I could figure out a way to self-medicate but later with increasingly persistent prostate discomfort especially on sitting and pressure pain on one side of the gland some decisions had to be made. Subsequent biopsy and MRI revealed a tumour that seemed to be very hard, and occupying a significant portion of the entire 45 cm3 plus gland. I was under pressure to set a date for surgical removal. By now the tumour was pushing up against the prostate capsule causing significant pressure pain and the PSA readings were moving up to 20.

Until now I had tried a number of oral herbals, various teas, super antioxidants, detoxification, other techniques, and even electo- magnet therapy( PEMT). I could reduce the PSA by 25%, the prostate volume by a little over approximately 15%. This would significantly relive discomfort and reduce nocturnal toilet trips to one early in the morning, but this relief seemed symptomatic only and somewhat temporary. (I was later to find out from Dr Song and Dr Ivan at the 3D Urology Clinic in China that the prostate surface softness is very critical. It seems some substances will reduce the prostate size but create a hardened tissue surface or hard wrinkles that greatly impair organ function.)

I was very determined to avoid surgical removal and further research lead my wife finding Dr Songs 3D Urology Clinic website.

The 3D CLINIC DR. SONG and his TEAM.

From the website I made contact with Alisa Wang the Clinic Administrator and Interpreter. Promptly she had the clinic review my clinical notes and sent back to me the required documentation to enable application for a visa. I would suggest a 90 day visa. Its timely to mention here that the reason I committed a visit to the 3D Clinic was that I had in the past a number of professional acquaintances who were specialists in pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy and biopharmaceutical manufacturing so I was aware of the significant documented benefits of co administration of east/west medical products in cancer treatment. In addition to this the 3D Clinic website described a methodology that seemed a fresh approach and entirely logical.

My arrangements, arrival, hotel bookings and pickup were all easily managed by Alisa. The whole process was very smooth. On arrival in Xiangtan and soon after checking into the Hotel that was opposite the Clinic building I accepted the offer to meet Dr Song and Dr Ivan that afternoon at the clinic. There was a thorough consultation and discussion of my prostate history with Dr Song, Dr Ivan and Alisa present. Communication was not a problem and I was surprised that whole atmosphere was very patient friendly. There was later a thorough DRE and prostate fluid collection to be examined by the in house lab. Before leaving that consultation I could view on the computer, microscope slide samples of specific pathogens that had infected my prostate.

Next extensive blood samples were taken at a nearby university hospital to quantitatively determine specific virus, mycoplasma, bacteria, parasites, and hormones in addition to ultrasonography on the prostate region. This is used by the clinic to individualize your treatment and more importantly allow Dr Song and his team to treat the real cause of your condition.

After 3 days of targeted injections via the perineum into each lobe of the prostate the pressure pain and discomfort was almost absent and by the end of the sixth day absent altogether. In short after 6 week of treatment of injections, intravenous drip and oral Chinese herbal medicine Dr Song and the Clinic were able to break up and discharge a very hard and large tumour that may have existed for over five years. My collected urine samples showed extensive discharged flocculation and sediment comprising of dead bacterial, tumour and fibrous material.


MRI scans had shown that the prostate size had returned to normal, prostate morphology was normalizing and a DRE also revealed that the once hard prostate was now soft and much smaller. I was delighted with a successful treatment and it all seemed unbelievable!

On reflection of this journey to treat my cancer I realized that Dr Song and his team have a very smart approach to“treat the cause of disease”and I sensed a strong desire from the clinic to produce a real solution for each patient. The 3D Urology Clinic I felt uses a unique treatment methodology that synergises with the natural structure and function of the body, coupled with extensive experience in diverse types of prostate disease, and a close understanding of the pharmacology of co administration of specific east/west medications. The treatment regime is such that precise individualization for each patient is possible.

The entire treatment process was always very professional yet relaxed. At no time did I feel any hint of arrogance and the staff would always attentively listen to you. As a result of the daily consultations I became very knowledgeable about prostate anatomy and my condition. Dr song and Dr Ivan were very forthcoming about all aspects of my condition and how to heal smoothly, including diet, help with local foods, exercises, and lifestyle changes all helping to accelerate healing and strengthen immunity. The treatment process was very much a partnership and I found keeping a daily diary of diet, urine, stool, prostate feeling, general feeling and energy level was essential to feedback to Dr Song to allow for precise and effective treatment.

I have to say I was very impressed with not only the personal skill of Dr Song and Dr Ivan but the entire clinic. Needle insertion for IV drip medication was the most comfortable I had ever experienced. The clinic is clean and comfortable and has a sense of a “family” atmosphere and you are welcomed to talk to other patents, drink nice teas, and plug into the Wifi.
At all times during my stay in Xiangtan I found the local people to be very polite, pround, happy and helpful and the local environment lends itself to easy living and good recovery for patients.

I feel I have been so lucky to experience quality, honest treatment that is sincerely delivered by a team that is not only positioned at the leading edge of prostate treatment but through dedication and effort pushing the boundary to further improve patient outcomes. I have to thank Dr. Song for his vision and the clinic team for their focused efforts.

The whole prostate journey that I have been through and perhaps others who experience Dr. Song and his 3D Urology Clinic I think is best summed up by the following proverb. “Vision without action is a day dream. Action without vision is a nightmare”.

Mr. Barry  from  Australia  

Video Link:

Okay, hello everyone.

I come from Australia, my name is Barry.

I was diagnosed with a prostate cancer, stage three, stage four.

I didn't like that idea so I've turned around and looked on the Internet and I found the  3D prostrate cure, and I canceled the operation and booked in to come over here three weeks later.

That's a very good choice, so I'll tell you about some of my notes.

The treatment starts with the examination.

They check for having the safe health.

They check the prostate, they take a seminal vestibule fluids and they also test for cancer and bacteria.

That's the first thing that they do.

We then have a comprehensive blood test which is taken about as soon as we can, they take everything.

And they also see if we have any viruses in the blood to.. Wednesday.

If I had any viruses, if they find any viruses we turn around and we go for another test at the top virus clinic in China here.

They test up to 20 viruses, and which is part of the course of the cancers we have in our body, and our body health.

Media, and if we are found to have a virus we're then put down for a 15 day virus drip, and lack how we base this two hours a day.

That will.. You might have a mixture of viruses, you might have two, so you'll have that drip going down for the 15 days and that will clean everything.

In the meantime I'm having the prostate injections with the natural anti-cancer serum with anti-virus and also bacteria, that is also fighting that as well.

So I'm getting that, a trickle made.

The daily condition from your drip is monitored by the nurse, she looks after you so there's no problem there and your condition is monitored daily by Doctor Song.

Doctor song evaluates every patient as they come, everybody is different, and he will answer any questions that you need.

And one thing he's getting is the rectal examination to check your prostates because they cause lesions between the prostate and the bowel.

And he is now already treating 10 people here, which have been cured for cancer of those lesions.

One person had their prostatectomy, but the leftover was cancer in one of those lesions, another one was treated by Doctor Song earlier but there's still some cancer in the lesions so that was treating him, and now he's here again.

So he's taking care of cancer both.

While I was here I had 21 treatments.

I've actually, yeah, had 21 treatments and went in for another MRI and with the MRI it showed actually no signs of cancer, no signs of bacteria, so I'm very very happy about it.

And there's no side effects, well a little bit of side effects, it gets sore after a while, there's always the lesions, it's okay.

The hardest part is changing your diet, so you have to get off coffee and alcohol, little seafood and things like that so.

The Doctor has also made, Doctor Song's made some concoction of natural herbs, medicinal herbs to help my body adjust with everything to set itself down, and it will probably take, I mean, 6 months for my body to be able to restore back to normal, but even if it is back to normal, my prostate is back to normal, so it's..

I'm very happy with this outcome.

Doctor Song made great reign.

Lisa has been very good, she communicates with us and also organizes everything, and she does her best.

And Doctor Ivan has been here for to grow the opportune, they both help together.

So I'm very to have gone with the 3D  treatment, very convenient, I would recommend it.

Thank you.

Dr. Carnell Jackson from USA

Self-introduction of Disease History

1. My name is Carnell Jackson, I live and reside in Lywood, California since July 10th, 1977. I was diagnosed as having prostate cancer during a biopsy in the United State on November 22nd, 2017. By the Pathology report, my bladder was not completely being emptied during my restroom urination visits. I was also discovered by my urologist of having a tumor on my prostate.

2. Disease treatment and experience and treatment at our 3D Urology Clinic:

The disease treatment during my 5 weeks was from March 2, 2018 until April 5th, 2018 was the best treatment and a very exceptional experience that I have received being evaluated and treated by Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan and this professional staff. I was treated successfully and satisfied with the best professional care that was performed by Dr. Song’s expertise at his 3D Urology Clinic.

3. My assessment towards the clinic was that the work place facility that I observed on a regular work day was that the work areas and facilities were very clean and orderly and operating in a very clean and sanitary environment and very maintained inside and outside. I also observed a sanitation professional cleaning lady and cleaning this facility on regular daily operating bases. I also observed other sanitation operating procedures washing and sanitizing hands after each patient’s visit station.

4. My assessment towards Dr. Song and his staff being observed during my observation; they were all very knowledgeable and very professional in performing their assigned duties. They were all very responsive and answered any of my questions that was provided by me. The whole staff also responded to all of my needs and any other issues that was asked outside of the 3D clinic etc; Lodging transportation to and from the hospital facility, restaurants, etc. I would honestly rate this facility as a five (5) star as they will actually go the extra mile to help you and your daily activity schedule. This facility has a pleasant home environment.

5. My assessment towards China is that the people of this country has a very good hospitality and a very warm welcome, friendly and respectable environment. The people even help me in our communication and conversation via cell phone and text message translation. I also observed employees cleaning the hotels, streets, and other businesses on a daily basis during the week.

6. Things I want to say:

Dr. Song and Dr. Ivan and their staff on my own words:
I can openly and honestly say that Dr. Song’s staff made me feel and treated me like I am family member. I was very relaxed and comfortable and I felt like I was home away from home. I’m wishing Dr. Song and his family all the truly blessing and his 3D Urology Clinic that God continues to provide and guide you through the education and expertise and continuing exploring other medical technology and experiences on prostate health on people from all over the world. I want to sincerely thank you for your hard work, dedication, professionalism and kindness.

Respectfully submitted,

Carnell Jackson


Dr. Prosper Adamaley from Ghna

My name is Prosper Adamaley, a businessman from Ghna. I have had BPH for the past 10 years. It all started in June 2017 when following a routine medical check-up in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA, I was diagnosed with an elevated PSA of 9.68. A biopsy followed in Houston, Texas whereupon it was confirmed that the apex of my prostate gland had 10% tumor with a Gleason score of 3+3=6. Frantically, I started looking for cost effective treatment options. This led to a pop up advertisement touching 3D Urology Clinic in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, China. Details of the 3D procedures, treatment and costs that I read on their website was impressive, realistic and natural. without side effects. I returned to Ghana in August to acquire a Chinese travel visa and arrived in Xiangtan on 20th November 2017. The administration of my prostate treatment involved 2 injections a day over 18 days directly into the prostate. 3D Urology Clinic gave me a list of the natural plants, minerals and herbs that were used to produce the injections. After the 3 weeks treatment, my prostate tumor was effectively eliminated and I received natural anti-cancer tea consignment, to be consumed over the next 60 days to consolidate the treatment.

However,the past biopsy had triggered bleeding, infection, and thrombosis in the prostate and enlarging it from 107mm in July 2017 to 300mm in November 2017. By January, 2018, it was 360mm, worsening to 440mm in March 2018. By 15, December, 2018, 3D Urology Clinic had recommended that I should undergo laser surgery on the lower bladder and the prostate to remove all dead tissues, stop the bleeding and repair the prostate and turn it to acceptable and functional size. The clinic arranged for this to be done by Professor Zheng at the Xiangtan Hospital.

The tentative date fixed for the laser surgery was 10th March, 2018. After the prostate tumor treatment, I returned to Ghana on 20th December, 2017, renewed my visa and returned to Xiangtan on 9th March, 2018 in the company of my wife, Elise; for the laser surgery.

First, blood tests and ultrasound were conducted on me to ascertain that the prostate tumor was eliminated and all other health parameters were sound. Next day I was admitted into the Xiangtan Hospital on Sunday, 11th March, 2018, where the blood test and ultrasound were repeated to double check previous results. Professor Zheng decided to proceed with the laser surgery on 12th March, 2018.

This Laser Surgery is considered a miracle for a number of reasons.

1. The organ that received the laser treatment was a post-cancer organ.
2. At 440mm, it was the largest prostate ever operated in China and perhaps in the whole world.
3. Contrary to normal development after this type of surgery, I did not develop urinary incontinence. On the third day, once off the saline water I urinated in the first instance by himself under personal muscular control; thus eliminating the need for diaper (usual for 3-6 months after such surgeries).
4. I am a black African who had travelled a total of 15000 miles from Ghana to receive this intervention in Xiangtan, China.
5. No other complications have arisen after the surgery andI have not been placed on any medications; only to drink 2500ml of water per day as natural therapy.

The 3D Urology Clinic is compact, neat, and focused on prostate desease cure. Their diagnosis and prognosis are based on modern medical science, historical Chinese and Oriental medicine. All their medical information is sincere, detailed, open and verifiable. Their prostate treatment are patient specific, and they deal with all ancillary ailments. Their medical personnel are highly qualified, Chinese government certified, highly trained, professional in work ethic and well connected in the Chinese medical system. Above all, they are very patient, friendly, analytical, flexible, and cost-effective.

China harnesses 5000 years of civilization to become people centered today, in the medical care. With specific reference to prostate care, treatments are done so that there are no side effects. Chinese are very friendly, good listeners, diligent, hard working and handle people of all races equally and fairly.

I give praise and glory to God Almighty for grating me, the vision, wisdom, resources and location to tackle and cure my serious life threatening ailment. Next, my appreciation to the 3D Urology Clinic of Xiangtan and her health gurus of Dr. Song Xinping, ,Dr Ivan Haoyu and Adm. Assitant Alisa Wang, for their dedication, organizational ability and thrust for my treatments. And to Professor Zheng and his surgical team and nurses in Xiangtan Hospital my speechless awe at their professionalism and superhuman health delivery to my person. I hope that the experience resulting from my treatment will inure to the advantage of similar patients in future.

Long live Xiangtan, long live China.

Mr. Prosper Adamaley, Xiangtan China.23 March 2018.

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