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3D Urology and Prostate Clinics

3D Urology and Prostate Clinics


Our 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics are premier prostate treatment clinics. At present, there are two 3D treatment clinics in Hunan Province, China. One clinic is located in Xiangtan city. This medical team specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer and complex prostate diseases. The other is located in Changsha city. This medical team specializes in the treatment of prostatitis, enlarged prostate, and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The Xiangtan Changsha clinic is a one-hour drive away from the Changsha clinic. Our two clinics are medically licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. Our clinics are located in the city centers; conveniently located for treatment. Our clinics are professional, clean and orderly. Dr. Song and his staff are open, caring, and friendly. Current and former patients will often tell new patients about their positive experiences at our clinics. The treatment process is professional and comprehensive. Communication is paramount, and all aspects of the patient’s condition are explained in an atmosphere of honesty and confidentiality. As the treatment progresses, patients often find that they become part of the clinic's family.

The Qualification of Our Clinics:

The standards and practice at our clinics are comparable with those of Western countries. All the needles, syringes, and other medical supplies are disposable. Most medications are natural herbal extracts. All medications are pharmaceutical grade; approved by the Chinese FDA. Our medical doctors are fully qualified with practicing certificates. Our Clinical work meets Chinese and International Standards.

Our Work Team


Dr. Song is the director of the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics, a urology specialist, and the creator of the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment. Dr. Song graduated from the Medical School of University of South China in 1986 and became the Chief Doctor of a public hospital in China. In 1988, Dr. Song started his intensive research on the diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis, enlarged prostate, infected prostate, prostate blockage, and prostate calcification. After six years of rigorous clinical testing and numerous case studies, the 3D Prostatitis Targeted Treatment was accepted by the Chinese medical community. In 1994, Dr. Song opened the Xiangtan 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment clinic. In 2005, Dr. Song opened the Changsha 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment clinic, and he continues his research and treatment of prostate disease. Dr. Song's treatments are suitable for several prostate conditions. These conditions include prostatitis, prostate infection, prostate enlargement, prostate inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer, urethritis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), sexually transmitted disease (STD), and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Dr. Songs holds the independent intellectual property rights for the 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment.

Dr. Song has 26 years of 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment clinical experience. Dr. Song is a real expert specializing in the treatment of complicated chronic, drug-resistant, and long term prostate diseases. Dr. Song was a brilliant student in the Medical Academy. Dr. Song has profound medical acknowledge, a wealth of clinical experience, and has qualification certificates for several medical specialties. Dr. Song has the experience and ability to treat various complex prostate diseases; he has cured numerous patients from China, and many patients from other countries. Dr. Song has been successfully treating foreign patients since 2001; patients from the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, and more than 60 other countries.

Dr. Song continues to lead his medical team to excellence in both research and clinical practice. The research results are used to improve the 3D Targeted Therapy; to scientifically treat various complicated prostate diseases, shorten the patient's course of treatment, and improve cure rates. Dr. Song and his team are trusted and respected by patients from all over the world.

Dr. Lee is a graduate of Hunan Medical University. Under the direction of Dr. Song, Dr. Lee has acquired extensive training and experience in the 3D Prostate Treatment techniques. Dr. Lee has 10 years of 3D Prostate Treatment clinical experience. Dr. Lee is a qualified 3D Prostate Treatment doctor. Receiving treatment from Dr. Lee is recommended for the majority of prostate patients without prostate cancer. At present, Dr. Lee works in the Changsha Clinic.

Dr. Ivan is a qualified 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic doctor. Dr. Ivan works with Dr. Song at the Xiangtan clinic. Dr. Ivan was born into family medicine. In 2011, Dr. Ivan graduated from Hunan Medical University’s School of Medicine. From 2011 to 2012, Dr. Ivan served as a resident physician in the Department of Urology at an affiliate hospital of The Hunan Chinese Medicine Academy. While there, he received his clinical training in the diagnoses and treatment of common urological diseases and obtained his doctor’s certification in Urology. From 2012 to 2014, under the direction of Dr. Song, Dr. Ivan acquired extensive training and experience in 3D Prostate Treatment and became a qualified 3D Prostate Treatment Doctor. Prostate cancer patients, without other complex problems, receive treatment from Dr. Ivan.

Miss, Alisa Wang works in the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic in Xiangtan. Miss Wang is an English major (TEM-8 certified) with a Bachelors of Arts Degree, and a Masters degree in translation and interpreting from the School of Foreign Languages, Xiangtan University. Miss Wang is responsible for patient consultation, medical treatment translation, and the daily needs of patients.

Professor Xia: He is a graduate of Central South University Xiangya School of Medicine, professor of microbiology, Chairman of Hunan Society for Microbiology. He has twenty years of experience in identifying pathogens that cause prostatitis,epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, sexually transmitted disease STD,pelvic inflammatory disease PID,and other genitourinary infection. He is personally involved in the pathogen identification and testing at our clinics.

Mrs. Belinda Fu: Mrs Belinda Fu works in The Changsha Clinic. She is The Changsha 3D Prostate Treatment Clinics’ medical translator, English major, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology Graduate, TEM-8 (Test for English Major) Qualified, and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Mrs Fu has been working as a translator at the 3D Prostate Clinics for ten years. She specializes in medical terminology. She also assists patients with their transportation, accommodation, and other daily needs.

Dr. John Kennedy, Ph.D. is the Western Ambassador for our 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics. Dr. Kennedy is very knowledgeable about our treatments and clinic. Dr. Kennedy can help you better understand our treatment, inform you about our methods and success rate, and answer questions you may have regarding our treatment and facility. Dr. Kennedy is from the USA and is also a former patient. One of our successful cases, he had a very severe case of prostatitis (prostate infection) for over 14 years, which could not be cured by oral and IV antibiotics in the USA. In 2007, his prostatitis was cured by Dr. Song. You can read his story on our website under Testimonials. However, because he received multiple harmful transrectal prostate injections from a doctor in New York in 2006 (in an attempt to cure his prostatitis), his rectal wall and prostate gland developed a potentially cancerous fibrous scar. In 2016, his PSA test was more than 40 ng/ml, and MRI showed he had prostate cancer. After receiving a course of 3D Prostate Cancer Targeted Treatment from Dr. Song, his prostate MRIs and CT Scan show his prostate cancer lesions and BPH have disappeared. You may contact Dr. Kennedy the following ways:

Dr. John Kennedy,Email: jkennedy1004@gmail.com  .

3D Medical Services

We provide the following medical services:

1) The accurate diagnosis and complete treatment for various types of prostate disease and complications, such as prostatitis, prostate infection, prostate inflammation, enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, cystitis, prostate calcification, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), etc.

2) A full set of laboratory testing and medical examinations to determine the causative pathogens and various prostate lesions sites. Laboratory testing and prostate examinations include: the determination of causative pathogens, antibiotic sensitivity, digital rectal examination (DRE), analysis of prostatic fluid and semen quality, the assessment of prostate enlargement (blockage, inflammation, and calcification, etc.), PSA, Endocrine Levels (hormones), liver and kidney function, HIV, Hepatitis, Herpes, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and transrectal ultrasound (TRUS). Also, prostate cancer patients receive detection of cancer cells in the prostatic fluid, a full set of viral tests, and MRI examination.

3) Our very safe 3D targeted prostate injections, which eliminate causative pathogens, toxins, blockage, calcification, BPH, cancer cells, and various prostatic lesions. Antibiotics and natural herbal extracts will be injected into the core of the prostate lesions sites to kill the causative pathogens and pathogenic cells, decompose the pathogenic tissue, clear blockage, clear calcification, discharge prostatic endotoxins, and eliminate various prostate lesions.

Within 2-6 weeks of treatment at our 3D clinic, we can eliminate the various prostate lesions. We verify results through the digital rectal examination (DRE), expressed prostate fluid (EPS) analysis, transrectal ultrasound (TRUS), and MRI examination. The prostate lesions include infectious, benign hyperplastic (BPH), and cancerous lesions.

Patients will receive 6 days of 3D targeted injections every week (from Monday to Saturday). Often there are several different locations, which require injection. Your 3D doctor will choose two different lesion sites every day to perform the 3D targeted injections. Within 2-6 weeks of treatment, each injection point will get several 3D targeted injections. Severe lesion sites will receive more. The needles we use are small in diameter. The injections are not through the rectum; we do not do transrectal injections. Thus, our 3D targeted injections are very safe. There are no side effects; they will not cause damage or scarring, they will not spread infection, and there is no significant pain with this method.

4) A Full Set of Virus Testing and Treatment. Some virus types can cause prostatitis, prostate cancer, and systemic infection, such as the human papilloma virus (HPV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Coxsackie Virus (CSV) and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Viruses weaken the body’s immunity, which can easily lead to other pathogenic infections. Some viruses can directly damage the urogenital organs and result in cancer. To determine if a patient has immune dysfunction, we direct them to the Xiangya Medical College Hospital to have a full set of virus testing. If viruses are detected, then we recommend the patient undergo 15 days of antiviral treatment. The patient will receive an intravenous antiviral and immune boosting IV drip once a day, which takes about two hours.

The Safety of 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment

The patient’s safety and well-being during treatment is our top priority and is fundamental to improve the patient’s health. Our clinics are tidy and clean. We use ultraviolet rays to sterilize all the treatment rooms every day after each treatment. All the needles, syringes, and other medical items are new, disposable, and conform to Chinese FDA requirements. We never use blood products. Infectious pathogens do not spread at our clinics. Our 3D prostate targeted injection method is similar to Chinese acupuncture. We do trans-perineal injections through the pelvic gap, which gives us direct access to the prostate. We avoid blood vessels and nerves. Our thin needles can reach the lesion tissue sites of the prostate, seminal vesicles, vas deferens, and epididymis. The treatment medicines are directly injected into lesion tissues in high concentrations. We can eliminate the causative pathogens, pathogenic cells, and clear blockage and calcification. It is important to note; we do not do transrectal injections. Transrectal injections are harmful to the prostate and spread infection. We do trans-perineal injections. Our trans-perineal injections are not painful if the patient relaxes his muscles. However, if a patient is too nervous (muscles are tense), he will feel a little pain when receiving the targeted injections. Each targeted injection lasts approximately fifteen seconds. A patient may need to rest for 10 minutes after the treatment. The 3D Targeted Treatment does not cause any damage; our injections are safe, and there are no side effects. Over the past 26 years, our clinic has never injured a patient nor have we incurred any medical malpractice. The majority of our patients have been delighted with our treatment results. And, no patients' symptoms became worse because of our treatment.

Addresses of Our Clinics


The Xiangtan 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic Address - Jin Xiangtan Business Building, Suite 801, Shaoshan Middle Rd, Yuhu, Xiangtan, Hunan, China.

The Changsha 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic - Wu Yi Xin Gan Xian Office Building, Suite 920, 717 West Wuyi Rd, Changsha, Hunan Province, China.


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