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Announcement of The 3D Prostatitis Clinic in Changsha Regarding an Online Rumor

Our Clinic in Changsha is tidy and clean. We use ultraviolet rays to sterilize all the treatment rooms every day as well as washing all surfaces with antiseptic.
All the needles, syringes, and other medical supplies are disposable. They are all qualified medical products approved by the Chinese FDA. We always use the latest disposable medical supplies. Normally we will not store them in the clinic over three months. We strictly stick to aseptic operation rules.

Our clinic has a complete sterilization system. We are strictly in accordance with the disinfection management measures for China’s Ministry of Health requirements, carrying out each disinfection and sterilization, and environmental hygiene according to the highest standards.

The Changsha Health Authority comes to check our clinic every year, All the inspection reports are qualified. The medical license and all the medical items performed at our clinic are approved by the Chinese Health Authority.

Our doctors all have doctor medical certificates and practicing certificates. All we do at the clinic meets Chinese and international standards.

We have been using qualified disposable syringes and needles. And we never use blood products. It is not possible that infection can be spread at our clinic.


The HCV Event and the Truth of the Online Rumor:

In 2007, the boss of a private hospital in Changsha came to Dr. Song and wanted to cooperate with Dr. Song in running the prostatitis treatment.

In the communication process, Dr. Song found out that that the man had a poor reputation, so he refused to cooperate with him.

Later on, they sent someone to the clinic and stole part of the 3D technique, and falsely claimed that it was their research result, and they opened a prostate specialist clinic.

Because their techniques are not qualified and they lost patients’ trust, patients still came to our clinic for our treatment. After careful planning, they sent people to the hotels where our patients were staying, trying to draw our patients in. In the temptation of money, very few patients joined them.

Without any evidence, they spread rumors that there were people who contracted HCV at our clinic, and tried to persuade other patients to be treated at their hospital. Later on, they went to the local health department and reported that our clinic spread HCV (Hepatitis C).

Changsha Municipal Health Bureau and Drug Administration came to our clinic, and did a comprehensive examination, and they concluded that HCV cannot be spread at our clinic. Our medicine, equipment, environmental hygiene and disinfection are all qualified.

Their plot failed again, and then they sent us emails and asked for money, and threatened that if we do not give them the money, they will send posts on the internet and tell patients we are spreading HCV. We warned them, but they still created the HCV rumors.

When this happened, we informed our patients who were receiving treatment at the clinic what happened, and showed them the medicine and equipment we were using. All our patients chose to continue their treatments, and they supported the clinic, and condemned those people.

We were impressed that our patients spontaneously organized and went to the health administrative department to prove that our techniques were advanced, and the treatment process was safe and not possible that HCV could have been spread at our clinic.
The funny thing is the rumor mongers never provided their HCV test results they had before or after the treatment.

We contacted our former patients and suggested they have their HCV checked. Only two of them tested positive for HCV. These two patients were very grateful to our clinic for helping them find the potential problem. The infectious specialists found they already had fibrous lesions in their livers. This showed they have had HCV infection for more than10 years and could not have contracted it at our clinic.

This is the truth. Everyone should know by now that those false negative forum posts are slander. The so called alleged HCV event in 2008 was proved to be a scheme made by a few bad people in purpose of blackmail and our competition enjoys keeping the story alive. You should notice that they do not provide any tests reports and/or useful information. The information is just slanderous written by the same individuals.

Since 2008, the clinical pre-treatment testing we perform is mandatory, which includes HIV, HCV, etc. We also do patient screening. Since we instituted these polices we had no such false claims and/or problems at our clinic. Patients should provide their own recent AIDS and Hepatitis (A, B, and C) inspection reports.

Currently, some countries have begun to make laws. Those people who make online rumors will be prosecuted according to law. For those people who spread online rumors and attacked our clinic, we will seek for legal approach actively, so that these people can be punished by law.

For the last 20 years, none of our patients’ condition got “worse after treatment”, "caused complications such as transmission of hepatitis C”, etc.

If this had happened at our clinic, our medical license would have been revoked by the Chinese Health Authority already. You should not believe those ridiculous rumors.

Those people created this event; their plot did not succeed, but until now, they have not been punished by law, and the online rumors still exist. And there are still some patients asking what is the truth of this event. Therefore, our clinic in Changsha releases this announcement.

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